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Why Do Work From Home Companies Require Manual Workers To Do Jobs?

While the OCR technology has seen major improvement, it has not yet replaced humans completely. When people / companies give work to humans to convert some documents, t expect some value addition (like correction of spelling or grammar mistakes). If all those humans do is use some tool to convert then the purpose of giving work is defeated. Many years ago, a friend had got document conversion work and he simply used some tool to convert it and send it to the requestor. He didn’t bother to check spelling or grammar. As a result, his work was rejected and he didn’t get any payment.

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

This made him realize that he needed to check the quality of his work and pay more attention at the quality of the content. Nowadays, the system has improved significantly at processing content, and the tools are getting better, so that we can use it without having a specialist in writing and reading. So the question is, are we doing the right thing, by just handing work to those machines that have no human interaction or even no interaction at all? The answer is no, we are not. Automation and AI technology has the potential to improve productivity by removing many jobs and automating tasks that we don’t find it difficult to do on our own anyway. We can automate things that we cannot do on our own. For instance, we don’t take a test for every person and hire them for a job. I do. You don’t do a product.

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