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The DOC file extension is associated with documents created in the Microsoft Word text processor. It's the default format that was used in Microsoft Office 97-2003, while newer versions of MS Word (2007+) offer users DOCX.
Technical details
The DOC format can store a lot of different data, including text formatting, alignment, indents, lists, paragraphs, etc. Files like this aren’t limited to text but can also include all kinds of images, tables, scripts, and even charts.
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PDF is a convenient format for publishing and sharing information on the Internet. It’s very convenient for sending ebooks, advertising texts, technical or reference information, and statistics. The format is universal and can even be viewed on mobile devices.
Technical details
Portable Document Format is a result of the PostScript language created by Adobe Systems. PDF allows you to save photos, vector graphics, and text in a single document with different layout complexities. The format is cross-platform and maintains accuracy while viewing or printing pages, down to the smallest details (spaces, signs, indents).
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How To Guide

How to convert PDF to Word document:

Drag & drop your PDF or add it from your internal or cloud storage.
Edit and fill out the document using an online editor before converting it.
Change or remove existing content.
Add smart fillable fields for different types of data.
Add comments, annotations, and images.
Create your legally-binding e-signature in just a few clicks with the Signature Wizard.
Tap DONE to save your PDF file as a Word document.
Choose where you want the document: internal or cloud storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, OneDrive).
Click the Save As button to finish.

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If you are looking for a handy tool to convert PDF to Word online, our comparison chart offers all the information you need to make the right choice. We’ve compared alternative solutions and the pros and cons in terms of features that come with them. With this visual, easily find the converter that works for you.
PDF To Word Conversion
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Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
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eSign PDF
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Password PDF
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Share PDF
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What Our Customers Say

Freelance Writer
The converter does an excellent job when changing Word docs to PDF files. I like its intuitive interface and how well it maintains my original page layout.
SMM Manager
It saves me so much time. What I like best about this online app is that it converts Word to PDF in seconds and preserves the formatting. I will continue to use it.
Onboarding Specialist
This Word to PDF converter helps me get the job done and works great! It saves me a lot of time when editing and makes it easier to send PDF documents to new recruits.

How to convert PDF to Word fast and easy

Turn PDF to Word via our online converter for free. It is available both from desktop and mobile.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to convert PDF to Word using your browser

Portable Document Format is the most suitable format for reports and some presentations. However, when you need to introduce changes. The fastest and easiest way to turn Portable Document Format to Word is by using a web-based converter. It is available from your browser both desktop and mobile. So, you can convert PDF to Word even on the go. In addition, the service integrates with other platforms and you can import files from the cloud and export them back conveniently.
Easy process in five simple steps:
Go to the main page and click on the source you want to upload a file from: desktop, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.
Click on the orange button to upload the file.
Find your file and doubleclick on it to upload.
Once it's uploaded, it will open in the online editor. Edit your document if needed.
Register your account to download or share the document.

The full-featured online editor allows users to e-sign and date the doc, insert and remove text, add images, make notes, etc. It suits perfectly for contracts, forms, CVs, and other files. The advanced security guarantees data protection and prevents leakage. The stand-alone service meets all the sophisticated requirements of users, so that they don't have to employ third-party solutions to convert from PDF to Word.

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How to convert PDF to Word on MS Windows

Unfortunately, Windows doesn't support the Portable Document Format. To change Portable Document Format to Word in Windows users should employ third-party solutions: software or online platforms. Unlike web-based solutions, the majority of software platforms are paid and available from limited devices. Our online service allows converting PDF to Word both from desktop and mobile at any time and at any place given you have a stable internet connection. It suits Windows, as well as other operating systems.
Guidelines to use via converter:
Enter pdf-to-word-conversion.com.
Choose where to upload the file from and click the orange button.
Once the document is uploaded, edit it in the online editor and click Done.
Choose the format to save the file as.
Register your account and download the file.

Our service allows unlimited conversions of files. It takes just several seconds to transform even large-size files. In addition, we guarantee top security and data protection of each file. Multiple cross-platform compatibilities make the service available from any device: desktop, tablet and mobile. You can easily import files from the cloud and use our PDF to Word converter on the go. Try our service for fast, free and easy to manage document conversions and save a lot of time.

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How to convert PDF to Word with a Mac

Converting PDF to Word is pretty easy with the built-in program Preview. It automatically opens and manages documents of any format. Without using third-party solutions you can easily manage documents, edit and modify them on a Mac. Users can also save documents in different formats, including .doc. So, Preview will allow opening any document and saving it any format in a fast and simple way.
See simple steps below to convert PDF to Word:
Open your initial file in Preview. On right-click on the document and select Open With ->Preview.
If you additionally need to edit the document open Thumbnails and choose Edit.
Choose other options to modify the document.
Save the document with the .doc extension.

Converting on a Mac is convenient and can be done even offline, although both formats are not native for iOS. If for any reason you don't get the expected results, use the web-based converter. It will help you change formats in just seconds for free. You will avoid unnecessary installations and registration. You can also employ our service from your Facebook account. We guarantee top-level protection to all your documents.

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How to convert PDF to Word in Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software program tailored for the Portable Document Format documents. PDF is the most commonly used format in business, that's why the companies give priority to Adobe Reader as the most popular software for PDFs. It allows users to do any kind of manipulation with the Portable Document Format documents. With its help, you can transform PDFs in just several clicks. It also keeps formatting well.
Convert from PDF to Word via Adobe:
Open your initial file.
Choose Export PDF.
Choose Word as the export format.
Click Export and save the file.

With Adobe Reader users have a full-fledged software tool that features an opportunity to change file format. You don't need an internet connection to use it, as Adobe works offline. If you don't have it installed, sign up for a free seven-day trial. The trial version doesn't give access to all the features, however, you can experience its benefits while transforming the Portable Document Format. The only disadvantage is that users should stick to the specific device to employ Adobe Reader.

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How to convert PDF to Word?
The best way to convert PDF to Word is by using an online platform like ours. It gives you the opportunity to save the perfect appearance of your documents without unnecessary additional program installations or payments.
How to convert PDF to Word on Mac?
Even though macOS easily transforms Word to PDF, the reverse converting from PDF to Word on Mac will be more complicated. You can do it by using a default program called Automator, but it makes the process much harder; you’ll need to create whole workflows. We recommend you not to spend much time on converting with the default software and change the format utilizing our online converter.
How to convert PDF to Word online?
Go to the main page of our online converter. Then import the file. Ensure the document looks like you want. If everything is good, click Done. In the finishing menu, select Export as Word.
How to choose software which converts PDF to Word?
Many converters declare converting from PDF to Word. Unfortunately, not all of them can be useful for changing these formats. Pay attention to specialized services like ours or install paid converters.
How to convert PDF to Word and edit it?
Most converters offer you to modify the format and then edit newly created text documents. If you decide to use our service, you get the opportunity to edit your samples even at the converting stage and get perfect DOCX files.
How to convert PDF to Word as it is?
First of all, you need to forget about artisanal methods (like copypasting, opening in Google Docs or Office) and utilize specialized software. The best choice for you is our online converter. It allows you to transform any document as it is.
Are PDF to Word converters safe?
If you utilize our software, stay calm about the safety of your files. The platform is reliable and secure. We use the latest encryption features to ensure that your data can't be stolen and no third parties can get unauthorized access to it.
Why can't I convert PDF to Word?
Maybe, you use the wrong software, because usually, this process isn't complicated. Try using our online converter to convert documents with ease.
What is PDF to Word converter?
It is a software that is used to change the portable document format to DOC or DOCX. It goes through the file, 'dismantles' it to allow editing of the objects, and then combines in a new doc.
How to convert PDF to Word and keep formatting?
Consider using specialized converters if you want to keep formatting while converting the document. Most likely, you’ll run into problems if you’ll decide to copy and paste or open image-heavy files in Google Docs.
Where to convert PDF to Word document?
You can change the format of your file on our website. Just go to the main page of the platform, upload the sample or import it from a cloud, check and edit it, and save the document in the required format!
How to change PDF to Word online?
To change PDF to DOCX online, you need to use specialized software like our website: Open the main page. Upload a file. Check and edit your sample (if required). Save your document in a needed format.