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For the free, web-based PDF to Word converter, I always choose LightPDF. Below are the features of it. For other good web-based PDF to Word converter, many people may know. Small PDF, iLOVEPDF.

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

Pricing Your own PDF to Word Conversion Tools PDF To Word Conversion Services and Conversion Software #5. Barcode Converter & Scanner Barcode To Word PDF Converter The barcode tool converts barcodes (or similar data) to text in any word processing program that can print on A4 sized paper. You can add up to 20-digit codes to each word on a single page. Converting barcodes to Word allows you to easily search and sort through your information, making it easier to find and follow your interests. #6. E-Book Converter If you do a lot of reading online, you'd be surprised at the number of apps and web tools that let you easily create e-books. Some of the more popular free online e-book converters include: pub Converter — Convert all kinds of e-books to the widely used PUB, MOB, and HTML formats. — Convert all kinds of e-books to the widely used PUB, MOB, and.

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