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Is There Any Way To Convert A Scanned 200 Mb PDF File To An Ms Word?

Online, there are some online website .first type in Google open excel file from PDF to Excel .then open a page select and drag the file into it where the space provided.the t return a file into to computer

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

Do not create text in Word, convert from Word into plain text for reading. If you want to read the original text in another computer you can read it there. There are some programs that allow you to do this. Some computers save a copy that can be read outside the operating system. You have to change from Word into the other program's window. The program you use should have the .pdf file open. Some of these programs have a shortcut or the icon that looks like the Word icon. Click on it, then select the .pdf file and click Open. Word Converter (the Word program) For the full process, make sure that a .pdf is not open (unzipped into a file), no new book opening is in progress, the font of the page is in Courier New Regular, you've changed settings for the page size to 150-160, you have.

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