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Is There A Simple Way To Convert A Word Document Or PDF To An Ibook?

To Convert a “ibook” (epub) file . 1)open “ibook” application it displays the all books available. 2) drag and drop the file on to the desired location now to this file will be in .epub format which is readable on only apple devices. 3) open “ibooks Author” select the “file” option on the top toolbar and click “NEW FROM EPUB FILE “. 4) this opens the ibook / epub file in the ibooks Author software. 5) select the file option on the top toolbar and click “EXPORT” . 6) then a windows appears and select PDF , select Quality and click next. 7) select “Desired location” and click “Export”

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

It will now ask for the .pub file name. Select the name. Make sure that the .pub file is selected in iBooks Author. Click ‏SHARE. You will then be asked to confirm the export if successful. Note- iBook / Pub file must be formatted, formatted with a .PGM file extension that matches the iBook format, for example: .bmp, .png. Hope this helps, Sharon The iBook Converter for PC is still available as of 2015. Here's an article with more details. In conclusion, I would say that the iBook Converter for PC works well. However, there are some things to watch out for: 1.) If you do not use a Mac, iBooks doesn't work. 2.) iBooks doesn't support exporting to PDF. You have to export to Apple-created .pub format. 3.) iBooks doesn't support all the formats that the iBook Converter for PC natively supports. 4.) It's a bit of a pain to have to go to Apple's website and download.

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