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I Have A Hindi PDF File?

First download some hindi fonts available online widely. install them. select all fonts then press enter . t will get installed automatically or right click and install. now open pdf. copy the stuff you need. open word paste it. if still hindi not appearing then select all the words in word file. try change the fonts(while all matter still selected). hope it works.

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

These are mostly websites or niche websites dedicated to offering freelance services to writers. You need to have a good skill & ability to write or translate for the website (I recommend you a basic skill as a basic knowledge of English is essential for most of these websites. ) 』 And then, you need to add the website's links to the document you are writing.   You can go through some of these sites & read the content; but then, most of these websites use a Content Management System (CMS)-like system to host their content. So, it's a huge hassle to go through all these websites & read their content from their own source; so you need a freelancer who is willing to make the content accessible without any hassle to writers who are not well versed.

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