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How Do I Convert A PDF To Word On Chromebook?

There are two basic formats for PDF files. Text based and image based. Text based still preserves the letters, image based is like a photographic image — the text data is lost. Text based lets you copy the text, image based does not. Some not so good ways. Print the PDF file and then scan it in and choose MS Word output format, OR Open a new word doc (for text based only). Open the PDF file Highlight the topmost letter in the document. Page down to the bottom and press Mouse-click That should highlight the whole file (sometimes A works.) Enter C (or right-click copy)to copy the entire document to the paste buffer Paste inside the word doc (V) If you have OCR SW, then try that directly, i.e. skip the print and scan The above ways preserve much of the formatting, but you still have to do some clean up

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

To share the word formatted PDF on your favorite social media you can just use the post menu which will bring up the ‪Tweet window. Conclusion In conclusion, this was the easiest way to convert a PDF file in a word format. This easy conversion process is the best solution for those who has no option of converting PDF in a word format in order to use those files in their online office or personal computing system.

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