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How Do I Convert A PDF To A Word Document In Asp?

At the heart of ASPdotNET Core lies MVC pattern. So with ASPdotNET Core you will de facto create MVC applications. Now, to clarify some other issues. At the very beginning of ASPdotNET era there were no all these fancy MVC, MVVM, MVP (these patterns existed, however weren’t used on practice for creating web apps) patterns and Microsoft started with the concept similar to Windows Forms which was already very popular back those days due to simplicity of creating user interfaces (though the code was almost always the mess due to the lack of proper separation of concerns implementation). So Microsoft created platform for creating web apps with similar concept called ASPdotNET Web Forms. Web Forms were all good, however t were trying to make stateless nature of the HTTP to be stateful, ViewState rubbish came into play to provide some way to preserve state of the application between requests. It was relatively convenient from the developer’s perspective, however in large applications it was hell for users because of ViewState, size of requests dramatically increased. Also Web Forms provided poor control over the markup and styles. So to customize something you would need to sell your soul, you know. With later version of Web Forms situation got somewhat better, however still there were problems. Ruby in Rails had been starting to begin very popular because it was built around the MVC pattern with proper separation of concerns and stuff like that (Models were all about business part of the application, Views were about representation and Controllers were bridges for connecting Models and Views, handling requests and sending responses - long story short, very handy and convenient stuff). So Microsoft decided to create something similar and ASPdotNET MVC emerged. It quickly became popular and obviously Microsoft understood that it was the proper way to do things. The problem was, that it was built on top of existing ASPdotNET framework, so different unnecessary stuff was still there from Web Forms era, also it wasn’t cross-platform and you would need to host it in IIS (on Windows) only. And then t decided to create something from scratch with all benefits of MVC pattern however without all unnecessary overhead. So ASPdotNET Core is cross-platform now (there is new cross-platform http-server inside called Kestrel). Summary Start with ASPdotNET Core and use .NET Core as framework instead of .NET Framework (that is where you will reach cross-platform benefits). In case you will ever need to support or work on older versions of ASPdotNET, the principles are all the same, so no worries. Sorry, long answer here, but just to clarify things. Cheers!

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