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How Can I Convert A Scanned PDF To Text?

The professional industry standard for this is Pdf To Word Conversion . Very simply, once you open the document in Pdf To Word Conversion , you click on the edit option (which should appear in the sidebar to the right). At that point, it will automatically OCR (optical character read) the text. Then, you do whatever you need for editing. The results will vary depending on the quality of the scan and the fonts recognized. You will also unlikely be able to edit any of the graphic elements since this was a scanned document. Once the OCR is done, you’ll just have the editable text and a single background graphic. FYI… Pdf To Word Conversion is available through subscription in Pdf To Word Conversion Creative Cloud, so you don’t need to buy it. Just do a one-month subscription and then deactivate your plan. You can reactivate it at any time. Thanks for the Pdf To Word Conversion — I hope this helps! [Answered. How do I convert a scanned PDF to an editable PDF?]

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

Also, available for Google Docs and Office 365.

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