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How Can I Convert A PDF To A Ms Word File While Keeping The Fonts?

Make sure to embed fonts in MS Word when saving as PDF. This options is usually available in most 3rd party creators. For example in MS Office 2016 click Save As… choose PDF format, open Options… and check “PDF/A Compliant” under PDF Options.

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

For iOS this includes setting default fonts. The main limitation is that your file must be saved in a format that is supported by most apps. It can then be read using most apps. The only issue is you need a compatible browser to be able to read it. If you're using something like Chrome then there are ways around this. For Chrome, I found out how to enable font embedding in Chrome by going to Tools → Extensions, finding the “Font Embed” option and enabling it. The downside of this method is that for this to work in Chrome you must download these fonts. This is not true for Firefox. In Firefox choose Settings → Extensions → Manage Add-ons. Select the “Folders and Plugins” tab, then select “Install from URL” Click the button “Download from URL.” Paste the URL and hit Next. You should now be able to open your PDF files using Firefox, Google.

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