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Are There Any Decent?

For many other reasons I use Neo Office instead of Microsoft Office. It's a free open source suite of programs from Sun Microsystems that does everything Office can and more. It reads and writes all the office file formats including the older ones from a time when Mac PowerPoint files were not compatible with PC PowerPoint files.... You get the idea. But one feature I rarely see mentioned is the extremely robust PDF export. So you can open a native .doc file (maintaining all the Microsoft formatting) and then export as a PDF with complete security, font, compression, and versioning control, none of which the generic printer PDF export does. The latest port is always at

Convert PDF to Word: All You Need to Know

I like to use the word “concatenate” so I can say I'm using a program to “convert” my raw data, it's all well-worded, and it makes sense. But what does it actually do? Do I end up with 2 different PDFs? Is my PDF ever going to become unusable (in some manner) because of the changes to this data? Or do I end up with the most common (and probably least confusing) way of doing this with one PDF converted into another? If not, how is this different from having my raw data read out of the PDF and pasted into a spreadsheet using Excel? No, and yes. What does this mean for me? Well, that depends on how sensitive the data is, i.e. if the data is a bit more valuable or difficult to change than a spreadsheet or one of the more popular word processing programs, it may be.

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