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Hi now I'm going to show you how to format tables in Excel from SPSS output and the reason you might want to do this the reason I use this quite often is because I'll often have several tables within SPSS and here you can see SPSS output but I want to organize them into a single table say for a manuscript or thesis and rather than jump back and forth between my manuscript and and typing in numbers it's I find it often easier and certainly more accurate and less prone to mistakes when I use this method let me show you how to do it first you can see that I've got lots of different tables in SPSS and I want to put them into a single table in Microsoft Excel and so what I'll do is of course I can copy and paste one table at a time into Excel but there's an easier way I'll go to file export there you see it okay and then I'll you can see I can save the SPSS output in a number of different formats but I'm going to choose excel and then I'm going to simply browse to wherever I want to put this file and give it a name I'm not going to save it right now because I've already saved it but then I'd click OK and you can see here yes I've already saved it so once I've got it into Excel then I just go to excel and I pull in the information and here you can see I've got all the information from SPSS output into my excel file now what I'll do is I'll go to a second open up a second sheet and I'll organize the table in the way that I want it to appear later then what I'm going to do is I simply am going to cut and paste let me show you how to do this so here we have a viral load down here okay so I'm going to go over here and I'm going to look for my viral load variable which I know is right down here so I'll copy this and then I'll jump over here and now you see that if I a load from my undetectable is actually going sideways rather than up and down but I can easily fix this by doing a paste special transpose boom and this of course will work the same way on the PC as it does on the Mac and I'm using a Mac version and so once I've got all of this all of my numbers in as I want them then I can go through and and take out the you know take out the lines format it the way I want it and when I'm done with that I simply copy the entire table and then I'll go over and paste it into my manuscript for the final.