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UniPDF Online: What You Should Know

UniPDF converter helps convert PDF documents using any text editor (including Microsoft Office, open source TextWrangler, and others). UniPDF is an advanced PDF/HTML to Word software that you can download and use free. UniPDF is a free, open source, Windows applications for converting PDF files into Microsoft Word in order to create Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files.  PDFtoWAVE conversion software for Windows for converting PDF files to Word .doc and .docx files. PDFtoWAVE is a high-performance, open source, free, cross-platform, native Office compatibility converter that you can use for Windows to read and write PDFs in Windows applications that have an XML-based description scheme. PDFtoWAVE is part of Portable PDF to Word Converter software which offers an efficient, professional, free, portable Windows PDF to Word converter. PDF to WAVE is developed and owned by Free Software Foundation and the PDFToWAVE Project at the University of Minnesota.