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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert xls to xlsx in excel
Instructions and Help about convert xls to xlsx in excel

Welcome friends in this video we will learn how to convert XLS file to xlsx format in c-sharp net using Espo's dot cells api we assume you have already watched our previous video in which we taught you how to install Espo's dot cells using new get in Visual Studio if not we have given the link of it inside the video description so you can watch it from there it is very easy to convert XLS to xlsx using Espo's dot cells you can do it with only two lines of code let's open our input directory where our sample XLS file is present here is our XLS file before converting it to xlsx format let's view it in Microsoft Excel application you we have already set up everything we have created the console application project and added the reference of most recent version of a spose dot sells DLL using new get you can view our former video that teaches how to create console application project and install Espo's dot cells using new get we have provided its link in our video description let's understand the sample code step by step and then execute it as the comment says this is the directory path where our input XLS file is present and where output xlsx file will be created after the execution of this code in this line we are loading input XLS file that we viewed earlier in Microsoft Excel application inside the ass pose cells workbook object in this line we are simply saving Espo's cells workbook object in xlsx format this will convert our XLS file to xlsx format cute and tire code at once please press f5 or ctrl + f5 or you can execute it step by step by pressing f10 let's press f10 and executed step by step we are done executing the code let's check the output directory whereas Bo's dot cells have generated the converted xlsx file here is our converted xlsx file double-click to view it in Microsoft Excel the evaluation warning sheet is here because we have not set the license inside the code once you will set the license it will be gone for more information please visit Espo's or check video description here you can see XLS has successfully been converted to xlsx format that's it thanks for watching this video please do not forget to watch video description because sometime we share important information inside the description for example sample code sample files output files and links to related articles in various resources goodbye.