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Wps To Word Convertor Free: What You Should Know

Tips on Transcoding your WPS to Word Tip 1: Add a Text Size The Word Converter has a text size which will make the content of the WPS bigger than it was supposed to be in order to display it in an ideal way. The size of the Text Size should follow the original WPS file size. You can control the size of the text by adding a number after font name. Tip 2: Use the Width and Height If you want to view the WPS document properly you can use the Width and Height as a “window”. Just use the number in front of the image to know the width and height. Tip 3: Download Word for Mac/Windows, or just use any other app to convert WPS to Word You can convert WPS files in many ways, you might want to try the most simple and free software that is widely-used online. You don't need to buy this software to be able to convert a WPS. How to Convert WPS to Word on Mac/Windows using Photoshop How to Convert WPS to Word This method converts your WPS file to Word for free using Photoshop. Use this method to convert documents which are on your computer, such as documents you send for example. How to Convert WPS to Word on Mac/Windows using InDesign Open OpenOffice Convert tool and browse to your WPS file, open the file, click File > Open and in the Open dialog box, type in the application name. In “File Type” type “Word” (as an example). How to Convert WPS to Word using Notepad You can convert WPS files to Word using notepad or the free notepad converter for Windows. Go to “File” menu> New, paste your original WPS file and copy the text into notepad. How to Convert Word to WPS using the Word to WPS/Word Processor Conversion App You can convert WPS files to Word using this app. How to Convert WPS to Word using Windows 8 To convert WPS files to Word, you only need to do 1 thing. To open the Word document with MS Word you need to change the file extension to HTML: Go to File > Options, choose “View” on the top right, press “Choose file” to enter the “Open with option”. On the “File Type” field, paste the text of the original WPS file.

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