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Im one of the co-founders at Sonix so my opinion may be a bit biased but I think that Sonix is one of the best online audio transcription software platforms s . From your question it looks like you are asking for two things You have audio files that you want to transcribe Let me break it down. 1 You have audio files that you want to transcribe In my own opinion the features that you should look for are (in order) Privacy - you want to ensure that your audio files are always secure. Look for sites that use SSL have strong security controls in place and are trusted by large businesses Speed - automated transcription is much faster than manual transcription s with substantial cost savings. It almost a no-brainer. See how Sonix works in this video; s 2 You are price conscious and are looking for a free solution Personally I feel that you get what you pay for. Option 1 Voice Typing in Google Docs To transcribe your files for free youll have to oveplicate and add more time to your workflows. But if that fine you can use the Voice Typing feature in Google Docs The downside to using Voice Typing by Google Docs is that youll have to play your audio file at 1x speed make sure that your speaker is close to your microphone and stay quiet the entire time. As a point ofparison Sonix can transcribe a one hour file in about 536 minutes. It not worth the 55 minutes to save a few dollars. Option 2 YouTube Another option is to use YouTube to transcribe your file. Once you upload your video file and make it public YouTube will automatically transcribe it. You can then download the subtitles Closed Captioning from the interface (Located in Details Advanced) for that video file The downside to using the YouTube solution is your video file has to be public before the transcript is accessible. For those of you who are transcribing sensitive information this is a non-starter. Secondly there are no editing features youll have to download the transcript (which isn perfect) and then edit it in your favorite editor. Not even in Microsoft Word. Option 3 Use the free trial at Sonix. We offer 3 minutes of free transcription to your account so you can test your audio files with our automated transcription algorithms. And if you do like the accuracy of the transcript and the quality of our software we hope that you join ourmunity. We offer transcription as low as $5 per recorded hour with subscription; see Sonix pricing plans the most affordable automated transcription s . You really do get what you pay for. Thanks for making it this far. We hope that you give Sonix a try!
I don't know of a good FREE way to do what you want with more than maybe one file. Various online services offer free trials and that usually means they'll transcribe one file for you. Google audio file transcription services and s to several will appear. But in the future you could use the speech recognition feature of your smart phone. On an iPhone you would just tell Siri to Open Notes tap the new note icon at the bottom right of the screen tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and start dictating. Your voice memo will appear on the screen in the Notes app. You can proofread it immediately and correct any errors. Alternatively you could just say Hey Siri take a note. Siri will ask What do you want it to say? Then dictate your (very short) memo. However you will need to open Notes to proofread it. I don't use an Android phone but I'm sure they have a similar capability. Of course if you're using a digital recorder to make voice memos you're going to have to shell out some money
I've looked into what you're asking for (to run on Apple OSX and iOS and wasn't impressed with what is available.
Of course you can do that in an easy fashion and in a free way. The tool you may need is WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe(Free get this HD Video Converter WinXDVD 215 Software Giveaway ) Then follow the steps belown Use this video converter to download the video you like. ordered-list n 2. Convert the MP4 video to MP3. (Strip off the audio portion and save it as MP3) 3. Click Run Then wait a second and the job is done. Take a try and good luck^^
Where can I find a collection of separate MP3 (WAV) files of every single piano note? italic There are lots of samples of every instrument in the orchestra plus many more available on the net. They are not free (well some very poor quality ones are) and the better the quality the more they cost. A decent piano sample will probably set you back more than $5. They are in propriety formats to be used with specific software packages. You can start your search here The 16 best software samplers in the world today s
Graphics Pinta - open source drawing application modeled after italic italic KolourPaint - paint application with elemental functions italic MyPaint - paint application with a large variety of brushes italic The GIMP - free software replacement for Adobe Photoshop italic Shotwell Photo Manager - full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop italic Internet Firefox Opera Chromium - Google's open-source browser italic Thunderbird - email and news client italic Evolution -bines e-mail calendar address book and task list management functions italic Deluge - free cross-platform BitTorrent client italic Transmission BitTorrent Client - Bittorrent client italic Vuze - Java BitTorrent client italic qBittorrent - free alternative to ub5torrent italic Marble - desktop globe similar to google earth italic GoogleEarth - Google's desktop globe italic Flash Player 11 FileZilla - multithreaded FTP client italic Pidgin IM Client - multi-platform instant messaging client italic Skype Dropbox Client - cloud storage italic Gwibber Social Client - open-source microblogging client (Twitter Facebook etc.) italic Office Adobe Reader Evince - document viewer italic Okular - document viewer italic LibreOffice Writer - replacement for Microsoft Word italic LibreOffice Calc - replacement for Microsoft Excel italic GnuCash - double-entry book-keeping personal finance system similar to Quicken italic Scribus - open source desktop publishing (DTP) application italic Sound & Video Banshee - audio player can encode various formats and synchronize music with Apple iPods italic Amarok - audio player italic MPlayer - media player (video) supports WMA italic Rhythmbox Music Player - audio player similar to Apple's iTunes with support for iPods italic gtkPod - software similar to Apple's iTunes supports iPod iPod nano iPod shuffle iPod photo and iPod mini italic Sound Juicer CD Extractor - CD ripping tool supports various audio codecs italic Nightingale - audio player similar to Winamp but not yet as feature rich (Songbird fork) italic XMMS - audio player similar to Winamp italic Clementine - Amarok 1.4 fork Exaile - audio playern VLC Media Player - media player plays all kinds of videos (video) italic Totem - media player (video) italic Xine - media player supports various formats; can play DVDs italic Winff - free video converter italic n SoundConverter - free audio converter italic Soundkonverter - free audio converter italic XFCA - free video converter and rippern K3B - CD burning program italic Brasero - CD burning program italic Audacity - free open source cross platform digital audio editor italic Kino - free digital video editor italic dvdrip - full featured DVD copy program italic Multimedia Codecs Programming KompoZer - WYSIWYG HTML editor similar to Macromedia Dreamweaver but not as feature-rich (yet) italic Bluefish - editor suitable for many programming and markup languages italic Eclipse - Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE italic Other VirtualBox OSE - lets you run your old Windows desktop as a virtual machine under your Linux desktop so you don't have to entirely abandon Windows italic TrueType fonts Java gedit - simple editor italic gdebi - package installer taking care of dependencies italic
In fact there are lots of Apple Music to MP3 Converters that circulate on the Internet. But it is not easy to find a 1% free one. Due to the format protection you need to remove the format protection first then convert Apple Music to MP3. It been my experience that using a paid one is a better option. Here I think Tunelf Apple Music Converter could be taken into consideration. Rather than convert Apple Music to MP3 s it also handles the conversion of iTunes audios Audible audiobooks andmon audios. With it you are easily able to get Apple Music in the format of MP3. Just follow the below three steps and you canplete the conversion. Step 1. Launch Tunelf Audio Converter on yourputer and drag Apple Music files to the interface of Tunelf. Step 2. Click the Format panel and go to choose the output format as MP3. Step 3. Save the settings and click the Convert button to start converting Apple Music. Now you can enjoy Apple Music on any of your devices without limit and keep them forever after you cancel the subscription of Apple Music.