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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to open wps file in open office
Instructions and Help about how to open wps file in open office

It's a Steve with proven pcs want to take the time to share with you a little hurdle that I ran into I received a file and I couldn't open the file because it was a dot XLS file which is an Excel spreadsheet file in the past the only program that would open that is Microsoft Excel part of Microsoft Office which you typically have to pay for you have to pay for Microsoft Office it either comes on a computer that you buy or you have to buy Microsoft Office individually if this happens to you and you would like to open a dot XLS file ok you have your own scraper you have this file you'll notice when the scripture pops up says XLS file well I'm gonna try to open it right now I don't have Microsoft Office on this computer I am going to install a program that will open the file and you can get for free by the Internet it's called Open Office which I may have the Installer up on the screen I downloaded it from here's the website you gotta open don't work page click on download click on download and right here it says download Apache OpenOffice 4.1 so that's where you get the program so you'll notice here when I try to open this file well it tells you it won't open it so I've already gone so far with the install on movement office that it does recognize the file I have to register OpenOffice just to let you know what you can do if you receive it on takes a less violent you like to open it but you don't want to pay for Microsoft Office maybe it's Microsoft Office is just not something he is that often justifies you needing to pay for it in order to open up a file or two that helps no great day.