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Which one works better, Google Translate or Microsoft Translator?
Before answering this question we need to clarify what languages you want to translate. Because for some languages Google Translator works better. For some other languages Microsoft Translator may give you more accurate translations. But I have a perfect solution for you. This app is Alive Voice & Text Translator which integrates 5 translation engines including Google Transate and Microsoft Translator. Different translation engines are good at different languages. You can simply tap to choose the best translation from the five translations and switch the default translation engine. So you will always get the most accurate translations all over the world. Free download from App Store u2eAlive Voice & Text Translator s
What is better: Google or Microsoft translate API?
So far I have been able to get some of my data translated but my experience with the Google Translate API has been subpar. Somewhat disappointing considering the huge buzz Google is putting around GCP to attract enterprise customers. It is a paid service but the offering and support is not enterprise level. 1) I am hitting a rate limit on my program which is translating several languages - the maximum rate you can set yourself is 1K seconds . 2) There is no form to request for a rate increase which is confusing. I posted the bug on the newgroup (to be able to open a ticket or phone support you need to pay extra) and a day later Google support responded that I need to use the volume increase form and inside that indicate in it my reasons for the rate increase. 3) OK that is another day lost in me using that form to submit - and now I have a response from Google for work support (not GCP ?) who clearly did not read my request and is asking why do I need a volume increase .. Here are my suggestions in case the Google Translate Product Manager folks are monitoring spend some effort on the FAQ - if there is no rate increase form state it and what one needs to do about it the FAQ or the API writeup needs to be upfront the rate limits and what one needs to do about it. set expectations in the FAQ and code the example program to make it explicit that the service is not resilient - I lost a day because I had put in timing delays in my program (to not hit the rate limit) and after a few hours I got an unexpected backend exception. My program exited and I lost those translations ($$ and hours) After 5 days of 3 emails from support I still haven't reached anyone who seems to have understood my problem and can give me an answer of whether I am going to get a higher rate and when. In any case I was able to get my translationspleted so I guess I need to be appreciative of the service. If I was to grade it I would give it a 'C' technically a passing grade (did do the job) but needs improvement.
Why does Microsoft translate keyboard shortcuts?
Contrary tomon belief Microsoft does often implement features that their users actually want. Some people like keyboard shortcuts so much that they use 3rd party software like AutoHotKey which enables them to implement custom keyboard shortcuts. I use most of the shortcuts on the Windows-x menu on a regular basis. If they weren already there I would certainly use AutoHotKey to implement equivalents. (To put theputer to sleep you can the 3-key sequence Windows-x u s. That is clumsy enough that I have used AutoHotKey to set myself up with a single-key one Shift-Windows-s)
What languages does Microsoft Translator support?
Microsoft states support for over 6 languages but not every app feature works in all languages. Details here s .