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s See this video. Or Excel Add-in for Google Translate & Microsoft Transator (1 click translate) s Disclaimer I own the software
Column by column. Copy paste into GT window translate paste translation into Excel sheet
Im not a fan of hacks. It implies there is some cheat code you can use to make travelling a breeze. It absolute bullshit. There no such thing as hacks. There is however such a thing as travelling smart. If you travel smart you will certainly travel cheaper and enjoy your trip more as a result. Here are a few of my favourite tips to travel smarter after five years living and travelling the globe. Pack light. I cannot stress this enough. Wherever you go your luggage goes with you. Pack only what you need and no more. If you desperately need something you can always buy it when you get to your destination. Planning your trip to smallest detail seems to be in vogue nowadays. I don't understand this. I hardly plan my trips. Have I regretted it during my five years of travelling? Not once. Over-planning takes the fun out of going to a new place. Personally I would be stressing about seeing all the places Ive researched. Going there with a few ideas and an open mind allows me to explore the place at my own place and discover areas I might not otherwise have encountered! Bring a water bottle with you. Most countries have water fountains you can use to fill your bottles up! This will prevent you from wasting money on bottled water and spreading plastic around the planet. If you have smelly feet like me this tip will stop your shoes releasing noxious fumes. Simply put a tea bag in each shoe and the leaves will absorb the deadly odour leaving your shoes smelling than before! Always keep some money on you in case of an emergency. Simply hiding ua31 in your shoe coulde in handy should you God forbid get pickpockets or robbed!
Actually Google is pretty smart. Check it out my friend.
Installing Google Translate API in Python is described here Python client library | Cloud Translation | Google Cloud s . There are other references to this topic in this search result google translate python api s Im not sure how Excel will be connected to Python however.
Disclaimer This is not meant to be taken seriously. Enjoy! Accounting How to tell the difference between medium grey and charcoal. Animal Science When biology was too hard. Alternate Yes you can learn just as much playing Pokemon Go. 1 Anthropology After you graduate you can study American culture firsthand-flipping burgers. Alternate You want to be Indiana Jones? Well we don teach that 1 Art Education A million ways to tell your elementary school students that their art sucks without angering their parents. Art History Let face it youre only here for the nudes. Art Before Drew stick figures for free. 1 After Painted a barely visible black dot on a brick wall and called it a mural for $3. 1 Asian Studies You think youre actually going to study in China as a school field trip? Not in our department. Athletic Training If that professional athlete thing doesn work out you can still be a P.E. teacher. Wait are you telling me you didn double major in education? Biochemistry When biology too easy and chemistry too hard. Biology When chemistry was too hard. Alternate Everybody expects you to be a doctor but all you learn is that the mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. 1 Biomedical Engineering So you want to be in medicine but hate dealing with patients? We have just the major for you! Business You want to start a business after graduating? We don teach that Business Analytics When you realize the business degree can actually help you start a business or get a job and you still want to graduate in four years. Chemistry When physics was too hard. Chinese u8c22u8c22u8c37u6b4cu7ffbu8bd1u32 Civil Engineering Just like building a bridge in Minecraft right? Right? Classics Sounds Greek to me. Communication Sciences How to speak 11. Computer Science Before Hey Google how do I stop viruses from installing onto myputer? 1 After (expected) Hey Mr. President am I free to launch that cyber attack on North Korea? 1 After (realistic) Hey Google how do I make my boss think Im working? 1 Computer Science and Information Systems All of the benefits of a double major without the extra work. Dance Freshman Year How to tell people youre majoring in dance. 1 Sophomore Year Lesbian Dance Theory. 1 Junior Year How to choose your dance partner if youre gender fl. 1 Senior Year Actually dancing. 1 Data Science The job of the future! After youre done with us you will never want to hear the letter R again. Food Science Looking to stop the Freshman Fifteen? Learn how your food is made and never eat again! Economics People will expect you to know how much the DOW will go up tomorrow but all youll learn is that supply and demand is the most fundamental idea of economics. Electrical Engineering Better not get electrocuted. Elementary Education So you learned that you like teaching little kids after a 1-to-1 tutoring position in your Freshman Year. Try teaching 2 in one room for 7 hours a day. Engineering Management Wee your highness. Weve been expecting you. English Thank you Google Transl-oh wait I already know this language. Entrepreneurship Learn how most business tycoons of the past and present either never went to college or dropped out. But at least youll be different. Environmental Engineering Engineering accreditation+Hippy mentality. Environmental Science Tree-Hugging 11. Environmental Studies How to be a hippy. European Studies The easiest major ever-when your roommate is an international student. Exercise Science Looking to stop the Freshman Fifteen? Don do this major stick with food science. Film and Television Studies Learn how to covertly watch the flatscreen TV from behind your fast food counter. Finance Economics but with more math! Food Systems Never eat GM foods again! Forestry All of your ancestors since the 165u232s have been loggers. The least you can do is major in this. French Merci Google Traduction. Gender Sexuality and Women Studies How to be triggered 24 Alternate When sociology was too hard. 1 Geography How to read a map 11. Geology You thought you be getting stoned here. You are with 4 years of learning about rocks. German Danke Google Translate. Global Studies How to read a globe. Greek u3a3u3b1u3c2 u3b5u3c5u3c7u3b1u3c1u3b9u3c3u3c4u3bfu3cdu3bcu3b5 u3c4u3bf Google Translate. Health Sciences Glorified pre-med. Health and Society The smart way to study liberal arts. History Learn about the achievements of a bunch of old white guys who died decades or centuries before you were born. Italian Grazie Google traduttore. Japanese Googleu7ffbu8a33u342u38au34cu368u346u354u356u344u37eu357u35fu32 Latin Tibi gratias ago Google Translate. Alternate It may be a dead language but at least it more alive than your career. 1 Linguistics In other words how to understand your British girlfriend Marketing Art+Business=Marketable career. Mathematics B.A. Please tell me youre majoring in education too. 1 B.S. At your family reunions family members will ask you to calculate 42*69 in your head. 1 Mechanical Engineering How to build R2-D2. Medical Radiation Sciences HULK SMASH!!! Microbiology You will never go within 5 feet of a public bathroom again! Middle Level Education The least employable of the three levels! Molecular Genetics Deoxyribonucleic Acid (times 1). Alternate Ive got loyalty got royalty 1 Music Before I want to be the next Charlie Puth or Dua Lipa. 1 After Put that quarter in my hat! 1 Music Education No you can hit the kids with drum sticks. Neuroscience The brain studying itself studying itself. Nursing Sometimes youre right but most of the time youre wrong. Nutrition Really you should probably stick to food science. Parks Recreation and Tourism You joined because you liked travelling. You left because you flunked out from too much recreation. Philosophy I think therefore I am $1k in debt without a job. Physical Education So you finally realized you can be a professional athlete? Physics Youll probably leave for engineering. Plant Biology You want to grow your own weed. Political Science You wanted to be a politician but will probably end up as a lobbyist in a political climate where an orange can be President. Psychological Science We added science to the end to attract the STEM students. Psychology When animal science was too hard. Religion Catholics So you want an excuse to remain a virgin? 1 Everybody else Doesn matter if youre a priest imam or rabbi loan forgiveness will be more powerful than anything God can give you. 1 Russian u421u43fu43u441u438u431u43e Google Translate. Secondary Education High school is the second worst time of anybody life behind middle school. Get ready to live through another 4 years of high school. Self-Designed See Undeclared. Social Work One of the lowest paid majors but at least youll be helping the homeless while living it. Sociology When psychology was too hard. Spanish Gracias traductor de Google. Statistics When you want to be exactly 95% confident (not more not less) you will get a job after college. Theatre To be or not to be employed (but most likely not). Undeclared When gender studies was too hard. Zoology Theyve got the Discovery Channel don they? Alternate Get a backbone! 1 If I left anything out or made a mistake please let me know and I will try to fix it.
Answering questions on Quora. Now let me be clear I'm not a top answerer on Quora. I have a few popular answers and many many answers as I enjoy the thought provocation of questions and the process of writing a perspective but by no means are many of my answers exceptional (nor even right). I have a reasonable number of followers though I have many more on Twitter; perhaps resulting in my many answers having readers. As of am CST on the 19th of January 217 there are exactly 7478513453 people on earth. I don't think that includes the handful of people in orbit right now. I know this because I asked and the internet answered so it must be . 1% of 7478513453 is or 74785134 to be precise since even though we round up when the tenths position is 5 or more (I know because I asked on Quora) we can't round up 53% of a person to a whole person Sorry I'm getting off track There aren't 75 million or rather 74 plus a few million people answering questions on Quora. I'm not doing the math (I'll ask someone to do it) but that puts me in the top .1% of people give or take answering questions on Quora. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. Not many people can say that. In fact only something like .1% of people can. horizontal-rule What's really amazing about that math about this question about the wealth disparity debates about startup success rates about anything related to the question of 1% is that for almost everything 1% is a frustrating measure (1% of people have all the wealth?!) but also taken in a different light an inspiring number (being in the 1% of the world italic is attainable!). 1% is not the best nor worst it's not a disparity but a measure an attainable label whether you are starting a business striving for wealth or love or happiness or just answering questions in an attempt to make a difference in someone's life (even if that difference in a life made is just your own life) you can achieve it.