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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing xlsb to json converter online
Instructions and Help about xlsb to json converter online

Hey it's Alan Simpson welcome in this video we're going to talk about exporting data from excel at the JSON actually will use CSV is kind of an intermediary so it's really anything that can go to CSV the J's son I'm gonna use a relatively simple worksheet that has two columns of data the first column is bad links that is bad links out there coming into my site and the second column is good links where I want to send people when that bad link comes in I'm not gonna talk about their routing and stuff just getting these out to JSON and I'm gonna make it a keyed JSON table so we can edit data online so I need to give each row a unique value so I'm gonna put equal row minus 1 there in cell a2 and copy that down and that way you're sure to get a unique value for every single row starting at one and that's really all I needed to do in terms of preparing for JSON I'll save that and then I'm going to export it or actually could use save as on a Mac it's gonna be save as and then just change the type to csv comma-delimited I think it says CSV UTF or something on a Mac just long as it starts with CSV you know decide where you want to put it I'm putting on the desktop click Save and then you could just close up the worksheet okay next we'll talk about converting this CSV file to JSON format okay so let's head on out to the web and I will search for Excel to JSON or CSV to Jason if you're not using Excel if you just have a CSV file that exported from someplace else either will work and I'm gonna use this one called WW convert CSV com so what I usually use alright and the first page under we don't need any that here under step one I want to choose the file and that's going to be that see as we file I just created on my desktop so it's right there okay and now I see what it looks like you see rogue bad go to the column titles and there's a comma separating each field each column of data and that's what we need but that's CSV format that's not JSON we to get into the JSON we got to go down and under choose input options first first rows column names that's right I don't need to change anything else that's all good step three I just want to be the first three columns and I've if for some reason you saw extra columns or you could just cut those off so it's only one two three or whatever number you need I don't really need to sort or do any of this stuff I mean it never hurts to trim off blank spaces.