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Hi This one is new (started in 216) fork from formely known as Kingsoft office. Its name is WPS office ( WPS Office Community ) and its slogan is Let make the best office for Linux italic ) It has all the features that MS Office has plus some handy tools and most importantly itspletely free.I have taken some snapshots of this software- This is the spreadsheet software. You can see the look and feel; its on Ubuntu 14.4. They have support for all the popular Linux Distribution and also have tar format if you got some other variety of Linux flavor. The spreadsheet software contains all the features of MS Office plus they have free templates which can be downloaded from the software itself. WPS Write WPS Presentation You can open all popular formats of MS Word pptxlsx etc. Currently it provide only 3 softwares Write (MS word replacement) Presentation (MS ppt replacement) and Spreadsheet(MS Excel replacement). The look-n-feel is awesome plus they also got TAB support and exporting into PDF and other formats.
Hello! Spreadsheets are part of modern business where Microsoft Excel is the essential software to manage analyze visualize and forecast data. People may need different purposes from Excel. However most users don useplicated features. Excel is used on individual desktops so that it not that easy to collaborate with other team members on your spreadsheet. Of course you can send this file via email but it a time-consuming process. Moreover Excel is a part of Microsoft Office that costs about $99 per year for business needs and $ for personal use italic . It quite an expensive option. In this collection we have handpicked the Excel alternatives that are much easier cheaper and more versatile than Excel. Some of these tools are work collaboration tools s and some of them are simple spreadsheet software. Choose the tool you like and try. 1. Thinkfee Office ThinkFree is a decent alternative to MS Office. This software is very similar to Google Drive. It has three main functional features such as Word for editing; Cell for creating and working with spreadsheets similar to Excel; Show that helps to create a presentation. ThinkFree supports all MS Office format files. You can run the program from desktop or mobile and manage your documents in real time. Platform Windows Linux Macintosh Android and iOS Price 2 free trial; Enterprise version $ 2 Zoho sheet Zoho Sheet is a spreadsheet editor application allowing a user to create charts and diagrams analyze data edit and share all these documents. You can also providemon access to these files. It is rmended for smallpanies. Zoho Sheet supports formulas and it can create graphics. The app uses cloud-based storages that makes it possible to reach your docs everywhere anytime. Platform MacOS Windows Android iPhone Price free for teams up to 25 people 3. Open Office OpenOffice is a free package of office applications. The tool offers a number of apps for efficient work with the documents like Writer helps to edit s; Calc helps you to build charts and make calculations; Impress feature is responsible for presentations; Base enables you to work with databases; Draw creates diagrams and even 3D illustrations; Math deals with formulas. The program ispatible with other useful apps. Platform Windows Linux Mac OS Price Free 4. FreeOffice FreeOffice is an excellent app for teamwork. It is totallypatible with all MS Office suit. FreeOffice offers powerful features like Text Maker Plan Maker Presentations. Text Maker has a catalog of templates enabling you to create any document with ease. Plan maker offers a menu with 35 features that will help you to create spreadsheets make calculations etc. with no effort. Platform Windows Mac and Linux Price Free 5. Apple Numbers Apple Numbers is a spreadsheet application and apanion of the other two apps Pages and Keynote. Apple has worked out its spreadsheet program which is easy to use and quick to manage on the go. The application offers a wide selection of pre-made templates. One of the main features is adding 3D graphs and diagrams to the document. You can share documents via email. And you still may save your docs as Excel files. Platform Mac Price Free So I published here only 5 good option but there are a lot more if you want to check out all of them here is 19 Proven Excel Alternatives s + Download s and more info good luck)
Thanks for the A2A. For your information Ive downvoted and reported this question. No offense. But your mistake is not that you don know how to do it. You mistake is that you don embrace Linux but instead try to turn Linux into Windows. The words MICROSOFT vs. LINUX alone should give you a clue that what you are trying to aplish is counterproductive! Microsoft Office is not meant to be used on Linux. It meant to be used with MICOROSOFT own operating system. Which is WINDOWS! Or would you use a Samsung suite with an iPhone or iTunes with a Samsung smartphone? Didn think so. So why are you trying to install Microsoft Office on Linux? That doesn make sense! Also there is no need to use it with Linux. Because Linux offers TONS of other options like LibreOffice or Apache Office and many more. And tons of alternatives for different purposes. Like Scribus for desktop publishing. Which btw is also available on Windows. Or Krita for drawing and basic s? Writing letters? NO! IT IS NOT! This is typical beginners behavior. You don use the one you know just because you know it. It not the easiest way just because you know it already. Sometimes actually taking the time to learn the new thing is the shorter way than using the wrong thing long-term and wasting time continously just because you don want to invest a bit of time to learn something new. Understand that Linux offers you a lot of freedom if you embrace Linux for what it is. The whole point of Linux is that it offers a modular system that can be quite easily adjusted to your own purpose and taste. Unlike Windows or MacOS Linux is an operating system that can be tailored around your own working style instead of adjusting your working style to what you get. BUT and that a big BUT the one thing Linux always asks is genuine interest and the investment of your own time to learn to actually use it and do it. If you don want that and instead want something that does the job for you with the least interaction on your part then go back to Windows. No offense. But if that is the case Linux is obviously not the operating system for you. EDIT I just saw yourment that you don want people to mention PlayOnLinux or Wine. Well here is a secret Microsoft Office is not a Linux application and therefore won work without the Windows system calls. That what wine does. It mimics the Windows system calls. Meaning without wine you can only go for alternatives. There is no other option! You can just install a Windows application on Linux straight forwards. That doesn work.
I am a long time Linux user. I use mainly Linux programs and softwares for most of my work. But it's not the love for Linux it's all about openness in the open source world. So I will be answering openly. It's that the open counterparts of ms office and adobe collection is not as powerful as them. Or you can say powerful but not very good atpatibility with them or the look and feel polishing may seem lacking. But said that there is no scarcity of software in Linux. There is open office libre office genome office WPS office calligra office or k office etc and besides the online office suites like Google microsoft and Zoho always works on all os. For adobe parts there is following and more GIMP or Krita- Adobe Photoshop Inkscape- Adobe Illustrator Scribus- Adobe Indesign OpenShot Lightworks or Kdenlive- Adobe Premiere Synfig- Adobe Animate darktable or RawTherapee- Adobe Lightroom Natron ButtleOFX- Adobe Aftereffects Ardour or LMMS- Adobe Audition Master PDF- Adobe Acrobat Just remember one thing ms office and adobe photoshop is a hugely priced heavily developed software maintained by highly paid developper and multi billion dollarpany so their works are bound to be more polished. And sometimes they may outperform some of their Linux counterparts but there's nearly always a software that can do your work at per with the proprietary software if not outperform them you just have to find the one that works for you free forever.
Here are 7 alternatives to MS Word AbiWord an open-source free word processor thatll do the job for your basic documentation. AbiWord s Zohodocs es with a software suite similar to MS Office. Offers document storage like Googledocs. Online File Management Software & Document Repository | Zoho Docs s Libreoffice Another free open-source office suite that offers many document editing and formatting possibilities. Free Office Suite s WPS Office available only for Windows. The last update was back in 216. WPS Office 216 Free Edition s ordered-list For writing and editing tips visit ua9 Technical Communication Center LLC s (Image courtesy of Ricardo Gomez Angel at unsplash dot) italic
You're in luck. You actually have a pretty decent number of choices and I'll be glad to go through them with you. As a Linux user I've tried a number of these options myself and will do my best to give pro's and cons of each. My personal choice- libreoffice this is an open source office suite which is verypatible to Microsoft office. It does have some issues once you've done very specific formatting in a very particular way but the majority of the time you will have no issues. As an added bonus you will be able to read multiple file formats out of the box. Google Docs this is online only and best used with Google Chrome. The same caveats of formatting will apply here as well. Because your documents will be saved in the cloud you will have full access on the go and can continue your work at anyputer with a web browser (but preferably Google Chrome) WPS Office this is a Chinese office suite. I have no tried this one though it is gaining traction. These are the most familiar alternatives I'm aware of and the choice you make is ultimately up to you and depends upon your use case. Do you want a standalone office suite or will an online version do? Do you need to open and write files in .doc format or will alternative formats works? Are you married to the ribbon?