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How To Install Microsoft Works 8.5 On Windows 10: What You Should Know

How to install Microsoft Works 8.5 on a Windows 10 with IE 8.0 Feb 18, 1822 — When you want to start the installation of Microsoft Works 8.5  Windows can't find the program. If you have previously installed MS Works it might have  installed correctly or not. If it installed correctly you can open your Start Menu and   right-click on the Microsoft Works 8.5. It will open as a Microsoft Works app with a shortcut to it in the  Start Menu. When you click on the shortcut it will open the file “Works 8.5.lnk” which appears to be a Microsoft Works install file. Select the  file and click Next. Click on Finish. What will happen when you try to install Microsoft Works? When you install Microsoft Works  Installing MS Works 8.5 on a Windows 10/16/64bit (all editions) For MS Works 8.5 64bit you will need a 64 bits compatible Microsoft Windows It will install and run on my PC. If you want to continue having a checkbook ledger go to Microsoft Works 8.5 on Ubuntu/Ubuntu 16.04 & it will install. What will I do with the checkbook ledger? My checkbook ledger will be stored on the Desktop, in the file. This file is in the Microsoft Works directory in the folder C:\Users\YourUserName\Appear\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Works. This is what I see. If I use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the Microsoft Works directory I will get a folder called Microsoft Works which is the folder with a checkbook ledger. How to install Microsoft Works 8.5 and run it I know, I haven't used any of Microsoft's tools before in my personal life. I have always tried to do everything myself. When I open the download link and click on the download I get the following message: Microsoft Works: Download It takes me to the Windows app store. A message box will appear on my screen with the following text: In order to install this app you will be asked for your Microsoft Account password. Click on Accept to be done with the authentication process. The download process will take a little while. The installer will create a copy of Microsoft Works. When it finishes it will go back to showing me that I have to enter my Microsoft Account password to download the software.

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