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How is Microsoft's OS marketshare still at nearly 90% when all I see in the real world are people with MacBooks and companies running Linux servers?
Apple products in general are jewlery. Us lowly Windows users don see the need to flount out expensive laptops whose performance exceeds our needs by a factor of 5. Three times cheaper machines whose performance exceeds our needs by a factor of 4 is plenty. I paid 35 EUR (~4 USD) for my desktop PC eight years ago plus 1 EUR (~12 USD) for the Win7 licence and used the peripherials from an even older machine. It still works fine for all my needs although it is starting to slow down visibly. Ill probably have it opened and replace the motherboard processor RAM graphics card have an SSD installed and retain the rest - including three magnetic hard drives with a plethora of stuff I don want to part with. Two of those are over a decade old the third came with said PC. Total costs should not exceed 35 EUR again plus maybe the licence for Win1. I still use MS Office from 23 when I got a licenced copy as a promotion gift from Microsoft. There nothing wrong with it MS even got us a free file converter for the docx files. I even find the menus more logical on 23 - I use the newest version at work. Why would I dish out 1 EUR or more for a machine that will look prettier but won do anything this machine won just as well? The more expensive Mac will have a grossly inferior memory storage capacity I can tell you that external hard drives are a hassle (I use three - don ask). Sure Macs work. So do PCs if you aren aputer illiterate. Thanks to the more open architecture they can work better for the most part if you have the ability to read - italic at one third the price of a Mac. I have better places to spend my money. Mac don offer me anything for the premium they charge me so I don even look at them. So do 95% of the people in the real world who don feel the need topensate their inferiorityplexes by buying overpriced fancyputers. The extra 5% are people who use Macs for their professional software systems (i.e. photo and video editing) not available for PCs. These people fall in a different category than regular Mac buyers.
What are the best PDF converter apps?
If you are working on a Mac here is a list of 1 best PDF Converter for Mac s #1 Cisdem PDF Converter for Mac Pros Create and convert PDFs in high-quality batch convert #2 Lighten PDF Converter Master for Mac Pros Convert PDFs in high quality batch convert mark with OCR #7 Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate Pros Convert all PDFs into 15 formats and allow customizing output files #8 PDFMate PDF Converter for Mac Pros Convert PDFs in high quality allow configuring preference before conversion #9 Solid Converter Mac Pros Convert PDFs in high quality allow customizing output. #1 Tipard PDF Converter for Mac Pros Convert PDFs in high quality and support 3+ languages.
Is it easier for Mac OS X to search for text within a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file using Spotlight?
Generally there's no difference. Spotlight does not search the it searches a database populated by metadata importer utilities. OS X supplies one that extracts the words from a PDF and Microsoft provides one that does the same for Word docs. Ultimately both are converted to and shoved into the database the same way. Spotlight searches work on the database and from the perspective of search the PDF content is indistinguishable from the a Word content.