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Of course you can. I found a ge about how to convert mp4 to mp3 s shows the detailed steps to convert mp4 to mp3 with VLC. with VLC Media Player You can make use of VLC Media Player to. Perhaps you don realize that VLC can play the role of an MP4 to MP3 converter Mac. Here I am to share with you how to convert MP4 to MP3 on Mac with VLC. Take a look. Step 1 Open the VLC and select Media. Click on the convert Step 2 On the next window that appears select add and choose the video file (MP4) to be converted. Step 3 Next select Audio 3 MP3u233 in the Profile drop-down box and click Browse to set an output directory. Step 4 You will be ged into Save File window where you need to select an output folder and rename the output MP3 file. Once youre done click Save and youll be back to the previous screen. Step 5 Press Start. The VLC will thenmence converting MP4 to MP3 on Mac.
When you explore the web you will easily find a lot of free format converter softwares. These converters can help you convert various audio video s 624 113
Not sure if this is a genuine question OF COURSE you can download mp3 or mp4 files on a mac. And you can play them too. Just so you know you can ALSO download them on an iPhone or iPad (you know the devices that run iOS).
MP4 is the native format of iMovie and most MP4 video you should be able to simply drop into the application cut paste and crop add transitions etc. That said the MPEG-4 standard is pretty expansive. You'll find most Apple software uses high-profile or main-profile (referring to a particular sub-section of the the MP4 standard) there are differences and iMovie has it's own limitations as well. Until the recent advent of the iPhone 6s iMovie did not support 4K UHD video -- not because it didn't recognize the format but simply because that was a premium feature you'd find in FCPX. With the new phones iMovie was updated to support 4K UHD. iTunes purchases are MP4 format but they contain an encrypted video stream to restrict playback and use of the video. iMovie intentionally does not handle the encrypted video content. Movies form most sources should work fine. The GoPro MP4 files work directly for example. However if you use the ProTune mode on the camera you need to adjust the color and the CineForm HD format will not work with iMovie (it's not MP4). You have some cameras that mention that they record in MP4 but they use a format called AVCHD which is what Mac users would recognize as a Bundle or Library format -- actually a directory filled with MP4 files and metadata files about the MP4 files (instead of ding that data in the MP4 files themselves as is the usual convention). iMovie has been slow to support using the AVCHD structure (in part because it's not specified by a standard and does change somewhat) bur most cameras that use it should be accessible through the iMovie import function today. Importing from AVCHD can still be a hit-or-miss proposition direct from camera but if you can access the camera as USB storage (as if it were an HD card) you can open the AVCHD folder and manually access the MP4 files (and they load fine directly into iMovie). Final Cut Pro X has better AVCHD XAVCHD support. You usually see AVCHD and it's variants on certain models of Sony cameras. That said there are files that are given the .MP4 suffix that are notpliant MP4 video. Most of these are generated using codecs that pre-date the finalization of the MPEG-4 standard and provide something similar to MP4 but is notpliant MP4. Examples include DivX Xvid and the first 3 versions of the Microsoft MP4 codec. iMovie will refuse to open those. There is also some software that will use the MP4 container (which is QuickTime) to store media encoded with codecs that are not part of the MPEG-4 standard (WMA audio for instance). That won't load either (also they are misnamed; those are technically QuickTime or MOV files since QT doesn't have the same restrictions on codecs that MPEG-4 does). If you have an MP4 file from a dodgy source (e.g. one that isn'tpliant with the spec) there's a plethora of free andmercial off-the-shelf tools that will transcode video. I personally endorse using themand-line tool FFmpeg which is the Swiss Army Knife of video transcoders (and the one that most other video transcoders are built on). Note that this is amand-line tool that you use in Terminal -- no fancy GUI. It's super flexible scriptable can be used with Automator and AppleScript etc. However if you are looking for something free and GUI-based I might suggest using VLC (which has transcoding capabilities) or HandBrake s .
M4A slightlypressed has a relatively lossy audio quality. While WAV is notpressed and has the higher quality. So we always need convert an M4A to a WAV s@nancyzeng92 . Usually I would rmend the online audio converters like Zamzar Online-audio-converter. Online services are free and don require you to install any software. But if you ask for the best and safest way I think third-party application is suitable Windows Freemake Video Converter Mac Cisdem Video Converter Both of them support a wide range of input and output formats. Besides converting M4A to WAV they can convert MP4 to MP3 MOV to MKV FLV to M4A etc. as well. You can also download videos from a mile-long list of websites.
If you need to convert YouTube video to MP3 music on Mac OS X El Capitan as a ringtone for your portable devices such as iPhone iPad PS4 or have downloaded some videos from YouTube on your Mac and would like to rip MP3 from YouTube for playback on yourMP3 player or multimedia player. However you cannot directly download audios from YouTube but have to convert YouTube to MP3 on your a YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac is a best choice. A professional yet easy-to-use YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac is highly rmend here Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac an impressive software especially designed for Mac OS X (El CapitanYosemite included) to free convert any YouTube to MP3 on Macputer which allows you to convert your favorite YouTube videos into high quality Mp3 files no limits on the length of videos. Meanwhile it can transfer YouTube 72p UHD to varies video formats like MP4 AVI MPG WMV etc for playback on other devices. Tips If you are a Windows user Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is available here.
M4A is an audio file which ispressed using MPEG-4 technology which is an algorithm with lossypression. It is primarily associated with MPEG-4 Audio Layer and files in this extension are the audio layer of MPEG-4 movies (non-video). It aims to overtake mp3 and be the new standard in audiopression. It is very similar to mp3 in many ways but developed to have better quality in a same or even lesser file size. M4a format was first introduced by Apple. The format is also known as the Apple lossless Encoder (ALE). MPEG-4 files with both video and audio normally use .mp4 file extension but when it is intended for audio only the file will generally have a .m4a extension. On Windows m4a format can be opened via the following applications Quicktime player Roxio creator Winamp MS Windows Media Player KSP Sound Player and Apple itunes. On Mac Apple iTunes QuickTime Player and Roxio Toast 1 Titanium. However as of now m4a has not yet mp3 mainstream success as the audio format is not yet universally playable. It is somehow limited only to PC iPod and other Apple products. Mp3 on the other hand is the most well known digital audio format. It was also one of firstpression formats on the scene and became hugely popular among music lovers Its mainstream success is so tremendous that the file is capable of being played anywhere and with almost anything hardware or software. In theory m4a will produce better sound quality but many would argue that whether it or not the sound difference is not distinguishable and it would be a waste of time trying to convert mp3 files into m4a files. After all the conversion will just make you lose the original sound quality.