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Icecream PDF Converter Reviews: What You Should Know

Review and Pricing on Amazon | G2 Review of Ice cream PDF Converter PRO: Ice cream PDF converter can be used as a free PDF-converter for your own website if you prefer to create PDF versions of your own content. Ice cream PDF Editor Reviews : Ice cream PDF Converter is a nice tool that lets you manipulate PDF files with a simple interface that you can use on any software that supports PDF. A PDF-converter is just a tool that lets you manipulate PDF. This program has been upgraded several times and the developer seems to always update the software, so you should be able to find new features as they appear. Is an effective tool if you are using Adobe Acrobat as a PDF viewer and an alternative to Adobe PDF Converter. But since the program is not optimized for Adobe Reader, and you are going to have to use the PDF file converter, you will have to use the PDF File Converter instead. Review of Ice cream PDF Manager: Ice cream PDF Converter will convert any PDF file to a native format (.pdf) as well as a new format (.ODT). It will handle files with embedded images, and also supports password, which is very handy for some applications that require only PDF files. You no longer have to go to each individual PDF file and manually convert it to ODT/PDF to get full functionality. Instead, Ice cream helps convert files for you. Ice cream PDF Converter can perform multiple operations automatically, depending on the content of the PDF: it can convert PDF files with any kind of embedded images and also remove any embedded images so that your files can be read by most of the applications that can read PDF files using Adobe Reader. This tool takes a maximum of 30 minutes to perform the conversion or update process, which is very fast for a desktop software. However, it is also very easy to forget to update, because you can add links to any article, section or other content you want to be converted. Unfortunately, this tool is lacking support for Adobe Reader, so you must either use another program to convert PDF files or rely on other applications. This tool does not support Password as an option, so that could be an issue for some users. The program can also modify PDF files (such as images) and convert them to a native PNG image format, but that process can take longer than 30 minutes. Ice Cream is a good tool for any kind of PDF file.

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