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My name is anna jensen let's learn some microsoft power automate today we will see how we can convert excel files more specifically xlsx files to csv files with power automate so we go to our onedrive that's where i store my excel data you could easily store your excel data in maybe sharepoint or an outlook mail or whatever so let's inspect our data mine is just called data xlsx and you can see that it's just two columns idea name with four rows with corresponding data this sheet could have easily been much bigger but that's just how it is i formatted this data as a table called data so let me close this one down and we go to power automate then we will click create by the way if you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to the channel to get all my new power automate videos that will come up in the next weeks and months so i'll choose instant flow we can call this excel 2 csv and we'll just manually trigger our flow usually this one will be a part of a much bigger flow so like a subflow first let me talk about the game plan here what i want to do is first i want to get some data i want to get two series of data or it's actually corresponding but i want to get the table data that's more what tables is in our sheet we only have one table now but we could have had more and we want to get the table name then i want to get all the content of that table so the rows in the table then i want to create a csv table and i want to print that csv table out to a file so let's walk through it one by one first we click new step and now we could either click our way through the actions or we could just search up here i choose to search so get tables from excel online business here the location well i have my onedrive but again you could have yours on your sharepoint the document library that will just be onedrive and then my file that is in our root so we click this folder thing and then we click data so now we got the data that we want about our table then we want to get some data about the content so choose new step and we'll say list rows we will wait a few seconds and it's here list rows present in the table like here and again the location onedrive for business document library onedrive the file that is still the same file and the table that one was i told you i called it data by the way if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up that will really help me a lot so now we got the information.