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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Microsoft implemented an Open Source format called Open XML along with Open Office. The X on docx refers to this. This was first used in Office 27 so this is your minimum requirement for opening modern documents 23 cannot process these (there may be a plugin but I'm not 1% sure).
Reading the CSV is trivial so Im assuming it the writing of the XLSX file that the issue Creating Excel files with C and libxlsxwriter s This is a C library but could be bridged to just about anything I use it with Swift for example it works great. For Java try Apache POI Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents s
If you know XSLT then you can write a (probably short) program to output XML data to CSV ma separated values) files that Excel (and probably any spreadsheet application) can readily import. nTo convert multiple files you can write a batch script but it would be more efficient to again use your XML files have more than one schema a powerful general technique is schema-aware XSLT 2.. Without XSLT I would use Java and my 'favourite' API for XML processing.
XLA is a file extension for a plug-in file used by Microsoft Excel. XLA stands for eXceL Add-in. Some steps to try Is the original XLA file blank? The file may contain a macro that is not visible on the workbook but within the code (ALT + F11). Adjust add in settings to . See below. ordered-list n Convert XLA to XLS n Open XLAnPress Alt + F11nPress Ctrl + RnIn the window pane click Thisworkbook objectnPress F4nFind IsAddinnChange the property to FalsenSave the workbook as XLS
You can use the Apache POI s library. Specifically the HSSF module. Here's an example import ; code import .*; code import ; code import ; code import ; code code public class ExcelReader code public static final String SAMPLE_XLSX_FILE_PATH = .; code code public static void main(String args) throws IOException InvalidFormatException code code Creating a Workbook from an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) code Workbook workbook = (new File(SAMPLE_XLSX_FILE_PATH)); code code Retrieving the number of sheets in the Workbook code (Workbook has + () + Sheets ); code code * code ============================================================= code Iterating over all the sheets in the workbook (Multiple ways) code ============================================================= code * code code 1. You can obtain a sheetIterator and iterate over it code Iterator
You can use the openpyxl Python Library to operate with (and open) Excel files. I don believe opening a Excel file that has a password is supported in OpenPyxl. That is you can open the file! However this sounds in contradiction to what you can do in openpyxl. You can apparently set the password. This implies you can then subsequently open the file using the passoword you just created. Here is some code to help. The 3rd line is setting the password. So the code below would need to be modified. And I have only used Python on Windows systems not Linux. import openpyxl code wb = ('') code = 'thepassword' code
Step-1 Make copy of file & click repair the file option it will automatically remove corrupted Sheet Pivot table or Table. And after repair it will show you which object was removed from file. like sheet5 Pivottable5. By default excel will delete most of the data if you want to recover more follow the step-2. Step-2 Make a copy of corrupted original excel file and rename file extension into .zip. if you open that zip file you will see folders like Worksheets Tables Pivot tables & Pivot cache. Delete the corrupted Sheet Pivot table or Table you have seen in Step-1 result. Because mostly these only will cause problem. Then save zip file & change file extension back to original. Try to open the Excel file now. You can recover most of the data.
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