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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
The .xls file format is proprietary to Microsoft. The .xlsx file format was developed to meet international standards and there is a published file format specification (over 3 pages). A .xlsx file allows you to use all the features of whichever Excel version you use. A .xls file will remove ipatible features and give you a warning message about features in your file that aren supported in Excel 23 (the last version where .xls files were standard). The .xls file is limited to 256 columns and 65536 rows. The .xlsx file has 16384 columns and 148576 rows. While the number of rows and columns are fixed in each file the file only stores data for the cells that were actually used. In other words there is no file size penalty for having way more rows and columns than you need. A .xls file may store VBA code as well as worksheet data. A .xlsx file may store worksheet data only. If you send a .xlsx file to a colleague or client the recipient knows that there is zero risk of a virus or malware lurking in VBA code. If you need to store VBA code in a modern Excel file format choose either .xlsm or .xlsb file formats. When Office 27 was released I continued to use the .xls file format to assurepatibility with people who were using older versions of Excel. I started using the .xlsx and .xlsm file formats when Office 21 was released.
You can certainly write c++ functions and make them available in excel just like native excel functions. Your functions can fead excel data including ranges as arguments and return results in one or multiple cells. nI wrote a tutorial to make this easy C++ to Excel by Antoine Savine s I hope it helps
Microsoft implemented an Open Source format called Open XML along with Open Office. The X on docx refers to this. This was first used in Office 27 so this is your minimum requirement for opening modern documents 23 cannot process these (there may be a plugin but I'm not 1% sure).
What is the file extension of MS Excel? Excel has been around for more than 3 years. It gone through a lot of development over the years. Here are some of the extensions that have been associated with the program which is to say the italic file extension is the wrong way to phrase this question. Legacy Legacy filename extensions denote binary Microsoft Excel formats that became oudated with the release of Microsoft Office 27. Although the latest version of Microsoft Excel can still open them they are no longer developed. Legacy filename extensions include .xls 3 Legacy Excel worksheets; officially designated Microsoft Excel 97-23 Worksheet .xlt 3 Legacy Excel templates; officially designated Microsoft Excel 97-23 Template .xlm 3 Legacy Excel macro OOXML Office Open XML (OOXML) format was introduced with Microsoft Office 27 and became the default format of Microsoft Excel ever since. Excel-related file extensions of this format include .xlsx 3 Excel workbook .xlsm 3 Excel macro-enabled workbook; same as xlsx but may contain macros and scripts .xltx 3 Excel template .xltm 3 Excel macro-enabled template; same as xltx but may contain macros and scripts Other formats Microsoft Excel uses dedicated file format that are not part of OOXML and use the following extensions .xlsb 3 Excel binary worksheet (BIFF12) .xla 3 Excel add-in or macro .xlam 3 Excel add-in .xll 3 Excel XLL add-in; a form of DLL-based add-in1 .xlw 3 Excel work space; previously known as workbook Source List of Microsoft Office filename extensions - Wikipedia s
If you want to load .xls file into HDFS then first save this .xls file as a file by saving it as a Tab_Delimited or any other delimitre . Now you can copy this Text(Saves As Tab_Delimited) file to local and from local you can this file to hdfs by followingmand. hadoop fs -put Source_File Destination_Directory And one thing you can also load your local files into Hive by specifying local in loadmand like load data local inpath File_Path into table
Yes it possible to get your FrontStream data into QBO. However it looks like you might have to upload it to the GiftWorks Cloud first. The following is the intro information copied from the FrontStream FAQ (s) The key to importing data into GiftWorks Cloud is having your data in the correct format. GiftWorks Cloud can import information from a Microsoft Excel worksheet (.xls or .xlsx) file or fromma or tab delimited (.csv ) file. The GiftWorks Cloud Importer looks for your information to be organized in rows and columns with column headings that will help with mapping the data to the appropriate fields in GiftWorks Cloud. The entry then goes on to include templates. Other unique software like PayPie also easily integrates with QBO to help you forecast your cash flow so that you can see how the donations areing in and how they fit in the big picture of other ies.
Microsoft Office when installs in the system a set of dll (dynamic library) file is added in the system global assembly cache. For Microsoft Excel this assembly is . To convert a file extension programatically you don need any such dll to be installed in your machine. Now if your question is to convert the extension only then it is quite simple and can be done through C# without Microsoft Excel installed in yourputer and the file can be also opened as .xls is Microsoft Excel 97323patible workbook and .xlsx refer to the latest excel workbook format but the changed file cannot be opened unless all the data is read and converted to the latest format. C# Code for conversion of file extension is as follows- class Program code code tstatic void Main(string args) code code (File Extension Conversion From .xls to .xlsx); code try code code (Enter theplete file path); code string filePath = (); code if ((.xls)) code code (filePath (filePath .xlsx)); code (File Extension Updated To .xlsx); code code else code code (File not having .xls extension..); code code code catch (Exception) code code (File Extension Cannot Be again...); code code code code If you want to read all the values from the .xls file and then convert it to .xlsx then it is not possible without Microsoft Office installed in your system. EDIT 1 Functionality to convert all the values to the latest .xlsx version class Conversion code code static void Main(string args) code code (File Extension Conversion From .xls to .xlsx); code try code code (Enter theplete file path); code string filePath = (); code (Enter directory path to save); code string strFilePath = (); code (Enter file name to save); code string strFileName = (); code if ((.xls)) code code strFileName = GetFileDetails(strFilePath strFileName); code DataTable newExcelFormat = ReadExcelData(filePath); code var newFile = (strFileName); code using (ExcelPackage pck = new ExcelPackage(newFile)) code code ExcelWorksheet ws = (Name of Worksheet); code (newExcelFormat ); code (); code code (File Extension Updated To .xlsx); code code code else code code (File not having .xls change aborted...); code code code catch (Exception) code code (File Extension Cannot Be file is & try again...); code code code public static DataTable ReadExcelData(string filePath) code code DataTable dtexcel = new DataTable(); code bool hasHeaders = ; code string HDR = hasHeaders ? Yes No; code string strConn; code strConn = Provider=.;Data Source= + filePath + ;Extended Properties=Excel 8.;HDR= + HDR + ;IMEX=; code OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(strConn); code (); code DataTable schemaTable = ( new object null null null TABLE ); code DataRow schemaRow = ; code string sheet = (); code if (!(_)) code code string query = SELECT * FROM + sheet + ; code OleDbDataAdapter daexcel = new OleDbDataAdapter(query conn); code = ; code (dtexcel); code code code (); code return dtexcel; code code code private static string GetFileDetails(string strFilePath string strFileName) code code strFilePath = (strFilePath strFileName + .xlsx); code if ((strFilePath)) code code (strFilePath); code code return strFilePath; code code code I have EPPlus-Create advanced Excel spreadsheets on the server Framework dll to achieve the above functionality and the system does not need to have microsoft office installed in it. Thanks for A2AHope the answer helps-)
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