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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert csv to xlsx
Instructions and Help about convert csv to xlsx

Hello guys in this video I will show you how to import CSV data that is comma separated file data into the excel file so first of all go to your Start button and open Microsoft Excel it can be Microsoft Excel 2007 but you can also use Microsoft Excel 2010 in the same way once this Excel is open go here at the top and in the toolbar select data and go to from text this one and click it and now browse for the CSV file you want to convert okay so and just browse for the CSV file and I will select any CSV file from here and I click here import and it will open a dialog box which is called text import wizard so make sure the limited this radio button is checked here and then click Next and according to your convenience you can separate and give delimiter so comma separated file are generally separated by commas that's why I will take this comma and I will remove this tab from you and then I will press next and you see your data is showing in different columns now just click finish and click OK and you will see your comma separated file are now separated in columns and you can now add analyze in the excel sheet your commerce sample separated files so I hope you have learned something new this time please rate comment and subscribe and bye for now.