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How To Make Ppt In Wps Office In Phone: What You Should Know

If you click on the thumbnail of the picture, we can choose between image type 'PNG', a 'JPG' and an 'GIF'  How to use font styles in PPT on the web — WPS Office Mar 19, 2023 – 1. Click the font style setting button to choose from the 'Font Style Set' preset styles. · 2. The font style can be found and the selected font style used on the left-hand menu of the right-click menu on the text area · 4. If we wish to use a selected font style, we have to go to the “Properties” on the left side menu to activate the selected font style. How to import picture into a PPT from a digital card (for example from camera card) in WPS Office — WPS Office Mar 25, 2022 – 1. Right-click on a blank space to delete the image. · 2. Choose the desired image as image type. We can also choose “PNG” as a 'image type' and click the “Copy as a file” button. · 3. Then, we can then use our digital camera card to scan images. PPT in PPT presentation with images added later — WPS Office Mar 30, 2023 – 1. Click the Font Style set button to choose from the preset styles. · 2. Click the return button and adjust the text to a suitable font size How to put images into PPT presentation using images from camera card — WPS Office Academy Mar 30, 2023 – 1. Right-click on a blank space; 2. Click Picture to open an album; 3. In the left-click menu of the text areas to select a picture as image type. We can also select “GIF” as a “picture type”; 4. Then we can select the image format; 5. If we then click on the thumbnail of the image, we can choose between “PNG”, a “JPG” and a “GIF” image type; 6. If we click and drag on the thumbnail of the image, we can easily drag to select the selected image; 6. Then we can either save the image in a file type as shown in “File”, or select the Image Gallery option from the “File” menu.

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