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Hi Microsoft itself provide features to convert non corrupt PDF after open and solving it. You can do so by using following tricks You can use the Office programs to save or convert your files to PDFs so that you can share them or print them usingmercial printers. And you won need any other software or add-ins. Use PDF format when you want a file that Looks the same on mostputers. Has a smaller file size. Complies with an industry format. Examples include resumes legal documents newsletters files that are intended to be read only (not edited) and printed and files that are intended for professional printing. Manual Export Process(Windows) To export or save as PDF in your Office file on the File menu click Export or Save As . To see step-by-step instructions select an Office program from the drop-down list Manual Export Process(For IOS) To export your Word document or Excel workbook to PDF format on iOS tap the File button at the top left choose Export and then PDF . For Corrupt DOC File Export Procedure italic italic Regards Max Persian
First you can use the LaTeX-like font. Half of the LaTeX lookses from the font. LaTeX uses Computer Modern italic by default. While there is a Wordpatible port of the font it lacks many characters that you would need in a word processor. What you need to use instead is Latin Modern italic which is an expansion on the former. You can get OpenType Latin Modern fonts here . Usually it is sufficient to download only and . After downloading go to Control Panel - Fonts. You can simply drag the fonts into the window that shows up to install them. I personally tried out the first point and it is convincingly similar to LaTex. Font download s Source of information Getting the Default LaTeX Look in Word 27 NOTE Always convert the Word file into PDF before sending to someone. If receiver doesn have the specific font heshe would see the in the default font of MS Word.
First let's look at why you want to do this. LaTeX outputs well as PDF and many publishers take submissions as PDF and many copyeditors can work with PDF. If you can stay with LaTeX However some collaborators publishers and copyeditors only work with Word-formatted files. For this you'll need a converter direct to Word formatting or to a format Word can open such as .rtf or HTML. There are many options available online citation target s title Converters from LaTeX to PC Textprocessors - Overview index 1 unique_id LNPnd citation target s title How to convert a scientific manuscript from LaTeX to Word using Pandoc? index 2 unique_id sXpkI citation target s title How do I convert LaTeX into a Microsoft Word Document? index 3 unique_id cFEfb citation target s title s index 4 unique_id TLGcU some of them usingmand lines and some a GUI; some are free trial or paid; some are used via a webpage and some are downloadable; some are cross-platform and some are specific to Windows Mac or Linux; some work better with OpenOffice or LibreOffice than MS Word itself. Which is suitable for you will depend on how many documents you wish to convert and whether you can afford to pay. Also see answers to What is the best software to convert LaTeX to word? question qid 49276 which Quora Content Review decided not to merge this question to. Assuming free options are preferable you might try TeX4ht s which converts to HTML Open the PDF directly in Word which will lose some but not all of the formatting Output as PDF and use a PDF to Word converter - there are many Pandoc rtf2latex2e Authorea s - free if you don't mind your document being public the TeX to HTML translator
Google Docs is the word processor in the Google Docs and Drive productivity suite. It affords real time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing documents. Because the documents are in the cloud and associated with a Google account users and owners of Google Docs can access them at anyputer without having to carry around a flash drive. Additionally a revision history is kept which allows editors to access any version of the document in the past and also keeps a log of who made which edits. Lastly Google Docs can be converted to different formats (such as Microsoft Word or PDF) and are also able to edit Microsoft Word documents. More officially the Docs Editors help Overview of Google Docs Sheets and Slides s outlines Google Docs asn Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and collaborate with other people in real time. Here's what you can do with Google Docsn Upload a Word document and convert it to a Google document Add flair and formatting to your documents by adjusting margins spacing fonts and colors all that fun stuff Invite other people to collaborate on a document with you giving them editment or view access Collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators right from inside the document View your document's revision history and roll back to any previous version Download a Google document to your desktop as a Word OpenOffice RTF PDF HTML or zip file Translate a document to a different language Email your documents to other people as attachments To learn more about Google Docs check out the Google Docs getting started ge. s
Any digital book is an ebook. An epub is a specific ebook format used by most ebook publishers for example Barnes and Noble (Nook) Kobo and Google Play. Though morepanies use the format most ebooks are sold by Amazon which uses its unique mobi format. If you write books you can generally load books to any of these site in a word processing program preferably Microsoft Word. (Google Play requires that you load a PDF file.) The sites translate the book into the epub or mobi format. You can also buy software to convert the file yourself but my decision as an author has been to let the retail sales sites convert the files. Each site provides instructions so that you can format the document with few problems. Books can be read on many different devices. For example a Kindle is used for Amazon books but you can also download a Kindle app and read the books on your phone. A Nook is used for Barnes and Noble books though any Androd device can be used to read them (again with an App). Hope this helps. Elaine L. Orr
I assume since you have tagged this question Writing Editing (writing) you are looking for a piece of software specifically for writing. Scrivener is definitely the best software for writing anything of any length like a novel. it is cross-platform in that it will produce the final document is several different ebook or paper formats. However it will not sync between different platforms such as Windows Mac or IOS. The software is available in each of these versions but to transfer you need to copy it into something like Drop box or Evernote. Personally I use Scrivener on my mainputer I write directly into Scrivener on thatputer. I dictate or transcribe recordings into Dragon software then cut and paste into Scrivener. I then cut and paste anything I may want to edit on a different platform such as my mobile (with a portable bluetooth keyboard) into Evernote. This will then sync from my mainputer across all my other devices (two devices for free more for the subscription service). If I edit anything in Evernote (orpose originals) I then have to cut and paste it back into Scrivener which is not too onerous as Evernote on my mainputer will have updated from all the other devices. Nick
1 3 To quickly change the case (upper vs. lower) of in Microsoft Word highlight the phrase then hit Shift + F3 . Word will automatically lowercase everything first and if you tap the shortcut again it will take into account periods and capitalize the start of a sentence. 2 3 Ever close your browser by mistake? We all have. No worries! To re-open an accidentally closed browser tab use Ctrl + Shift +T . Cmd is for Mac. 3 3 If you need to proofread a long essay be sure to paste your article into Google Translate and listen to it instead of reading it. This makes it easier to pick up mistakes and makes you a more proficient writer in the process. The tool can help you pick up minor typos that often shoot right past our eyes. Below you can see an example of the site. It super easy to use! 4 3 Run your writing or document past to clear typos grammar mistakes and get help with writing styles. As per the below s 495 88 Source Click here s
Interesting question. In Russian I don know. In other languages it of course depends on the translation but if I download an English-language translation from Project Gutenberg and plug it into Microsoft Word discard the table of contents and other peripheral material and ask for a count I get a report of 3136762 characters including spaces 2624544 without. The word count is 564588.