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Microsoft Excel Converter: What You Should Know

Works with Excel 2003, Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2024 R2, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2024 and Excel 2019.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing microsoft excel converter


How do I convert a Microsoft Excel application to a web based app that others could use?
For interactive features you could use an existing web-based app and consider importing an Excel file to it. For example see What is the best open source JavaScript spreadsheet implementation? question qid 24573 You could use the Save As menu option in Excel to save your spreadsheet as a web page. You could also look at SharePoint which is a web-based platform for collaborative work using Microsoft Office. If you literally mean to code your own web-based replacement for Excel you could hire a big development team spend a year or two on the project and lower your expectations about what Excel features are realistic to include in a web app. But I don think that is what you really meant.
Is it possible to convert PDF read only back to Microsoft excell?
There seem to be two parts to your answer. Firstly when the Excel is converted to a PDF all the layout and all the formula information is lost. It only slightly better than a photo. For example the PDF stores the location of the blocks of on the page - with no data about rows or columns. There are several software suppliers (including ourselves - ) who produce software to reverse engineer back from the PDF to Excel. Secondly even when a PDF ispletely locked down you can always print scan and OCR it. But youll need to check that the letters and digits are absolutely correct. If the scan quality is poor and the font size small you can get 3 seen as 8 ama seen as a stop etc.
What is the quickest way to convert data in a Microsoft Excel table into a LaTeX table?
I have a quick fix solution which works perfectly fine for me. While adding data into rows in LaTeX the code looks something like this 64 & 3 & 1 & 1 & 292.5 & 18 & 32.5 & 3 & n nWhat I did in the excel sheet was this nI inserted columns containing & between each column of data and a final at the end of each row. What I did was convert the excel sheet into LaTeX code. All you will need to do now is copy the table and insert it into LaTeX and there is no reason this would not work.
How can I convert Microsoft excel .xlsb files to .xlsx?
The easiest way to convert a file from .xlsb file format to .xlsx is to open it in Excel and save the file in the other format. Note that the .xlsx file will lose any macros that were originally present in the .xlsb file. The .xlsx file format is a zip archive of a set of mini-files containing xml data. There is a specific set of folders and subfolders in this archive. You can see the contents in if you rename a .xlsx file with the .zip extension and then open it in Windows Explorer or other zip file tool. The .xlsb file format is a single binary file. As a result it is smaller than a .xlsx file. The size reduction in my experience varies between 1% and 7% with the typical reduction around 5%. Because the .xlsb file uses apletely different way of storing the file data I doubt there a file converter that doesn go through the intermediate step of opening the file in Excel (or other spreadsheet app that supports that file format) then resaving it in the .xlsx file format. If you have a lot of files to convert you can automate the process with a macro. The code shown below lets you pick a folder and a file name pattern (*.xlsb is what you want to enter for that). It will then open every .xlsb file in that folder and save it as a .xlsx then close the file. Const ReportWorksheet As String = Sheet1 'Name of worksheet where report goes code Dim FileCount As Long code Dim MaxFiles As Long code code Sub FileFinder() code 'Finds files of a specified name pattern within a user-specified folder. Does not search subfolders. _ code Retrieves data from every file with name like sFileNamePattern. code Dim sParentNamePattern As String sFileNamePattern As String TopFolderName As String code Dim ParentFolderObj As TopFolderObj As code Dim nRows As Long code Dim celHome As Range code Dim wbDest As Workbook code Dim wsDest As Worksheet code code Set wbDest = ActiveWorkbook 'Copy data to this workbook code Set wsDest = (ReportWorksheet) 'Copy data to this worksheet (value set at top of AltActionRoutines code Set celHome = ActiveCell code FileCount = code code 'Define the folder to search code TopFolderName = (Files (*.*) *.* _ code Title=Pick any file in desired top-most folder to search then click Open) code If TopFolderName = False Then Exit Sub code TopFolderName = Left(TopFolderName InStrRev(TopFolderName ) - 1) code code 'Specify pattern for filename. This pattern is last parameter in the InputBox statement. _ code Use wildcard characters * (anybination of characters including none) and ? (any single character) code sFileNamePattern = InputBox(Enter the pattern for file name & extension Single folder file search routine *.xl*) code If sFileNamePattern = Then Exit Sub code code = False code = False code = False code code ' 'Clear the results worksheet code 'nRows = 'Reset the row scrollbar code SearchFolder wsDest TopFolderName sFileNamePattern code code celHome code = True code = True code 'MsgBox Done code End Sub code code Private Sub SearchFolder(wsDest As Worksheet strPath As String sFileNamePattern As String) code 'In folder at strPath look for files whose name matches sFileNamePattern _ code When found call one of the action routines to capture data from that file and put it in worksheet wsDest _ code Test using FileLister as the action routine (it runs quickly) then replace with one of the others from module AltActionRoutines code Dim strFile As String sName As String code strFile = Dir(strPath & & sFileNamePattern) code Do While strFile < code FileCount = FileCount + 1 code If (MaxFiles ) And (FileCount MaxFiles) Then Exit Do 'Value of MaxFiles is set in module AltActionRoutines code FileConverter strPath strFile .xlsx 'Call the action routine code code strFile = Dir code Loop code End Sub code code Sub FileConverter(strPath As String strFile As String NewExtension As String) code 'Opens file strFile at path strPath and saves it in the same folder with new file extension code '51 = xlOpenXMLWorkbook (without macro's in 27-216 xlsx) code '52 = xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled (with or without macro's in 27-216 xlsm) code '5 = xlExcel12 (Excel Binary Workbook in 27-216 with or without macro's xlsb) code '56 = xlExcel8 (97-23 format in Excel 27-216 xls) code Dim wb As Workbook code Dim NewName As String code NewName = Left(strFile InStrRev(strFile .)) & NewExtension code Set wb = (strPath & & strFile) code Select Case LCase(NewExtension) code Case .xlsx code strPath & & NewName FileFormat=xlOpenXMLWorkbook code Case .xlsm code strPath & & NewName FileFormat=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled code Case .xlsb code strPath & & NewName FileFormat=xlExcel12 code Case .xls code strPath & & NewName FileFormat=xlExcel8 code End Select code SaveChanges=False code End Sub code
How can I convert a Microsoft Excel file to CSV in php?
You want to write a snippet like this to convert the excel to csv file format in php function excel_to_csv($in_file $out_file) if( !$fr = @fopen($in_file r) ) die(Failed to open file); $fw = fopen($out_file w); while( ($data = fgetcsv($fr 1 )) !== FALSE ) foreach( array_keys($data) as $key ) $data$key = '' . str_replace('' '' $data$key) . ''; $line = implode( $data) . n; fwrite($fw $line); fclose($fr); fclose($fw);
How can I convert Microsoft excel files to an email?
What you can do will depend on what email service you use but I can think of three ways off the top of my head Attached the Excel file to the email. Copy the cells from Excel and paste into Word using the Paste Option Picture. Now copy that image from Word and paste into your email. ordered-list
How do I convert a Google Sheets document into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?
When you have the Sheets file open look for Download under the File menu. This will give you several options. Choose Microsoft Excel (.xslx) to create a downloaded file that can be opened from Excel.
How do I convert seconds to minutes in Microsoft Excel?
Depending on how your spreadsheet is set up you can do a few things. If your seconds are calculated from the time of day you can convert the time to minutes and seconds. The cells in columns C and F are formatted with the general format. So therefore you could take the seconds (in column F) and divide them by 6 to get the minutes. Another option is to use the =Text function and format the result in the hhmm format. You can do this as follows The number of seconds is divided by 864 (the number of seconds in a day) and formatted at the same time to look like minutes and seconds. The only drawback to this method is you can do arithmetic with the values in column C. But if you just want to display the values this is fine. Another method is to merely divide the seconds by 864 and format the result yourself with the mmss format. Highlight the values you want to format and open the Format Cells dialog box. Click on the Number tab. In the Time section look for the minutes and seconds format. If it not there you can create it easily. Select Custom at the bottom. In the Type box enter mmss . This will format the cells as minutes and seconds. When you click on OK the values will be formatted the way you want. Now you can do calculations on these values.
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