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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
The best free way to would be using Google OCR s . Login in your Google Account and go to Google Drive Upload scanned PDF into Google Drive by click NewFile Upload Check the uploaded scanned PDF or open with Google Docs Wait for the Google OCR to automatically process OCR on scanned PDF then you will find the scanned PDF editable in Google Docs. Go to FileDownload as export the scanned PDF to editable PDF or other output format Google OCR supports. If your scanned PDF is mainly filled with you can also use OneNote OCR s to copy from the scanned PDF then paste into a Word or other editable format and export as PDF again. Open Microsoft OneNote. Go to Insert and import the -based file and choose Copy Text from Picture. Press Command+V to paste the image and edit as needed.
For this purpose you need a converter with OCR (Optical character read) technique . With this technique the converter can convert a scanned PDF to an editable document. Of course you can find lots of this kind of tool on Google. The most famous one is Adobe Acrobat but the price is reasonably high that need to cost you ($179). If you have a limited budget it might not suitable for you. Meanwhile if you only need it for a few files which means it cost you quite high to convert each file. Then are there any other programs that fit your purpose? Of course. You can find lots of PDF converters on Google with the OCR technique . The one in my mind is PDFMate PDF Converter s . It is a tool developed by a third-party developer. The cost is relatively lower. Besides you can also try it without any cost to check the program works for you or not. It allows you to convert 3 pages of the scanned PDF file to an editable document each time. Then you can make sure it works for you. How does it work? Step 1. Download & install the program Step 2. Add a PDF file to the program Step 3. Click on Advanced settings and find the OCR session. Then enable the OCR mode before conversion. Step 4. Make the changes in settings and output paths. Step 5. Convert the PDF file. Now your scanned PDF file converts to an editable document. This is an option I rmend to you. You can also find other tools on Google. The most important thing is the OCR technique .
Yo can open the editable PDF file with Microsoft PowerPoint and then save it as PNG format. Now open the PNG file in PowerPoint and save it as PDF.
You can but you will need OCR software to so the job and the quality of the result will vary depending on the quality of the software the scan and the suitability of the original document. If the original document is easy to OCR (simple layout and easy to recognise fonts) then the conversion can be perfect or close to it. The further away you are from that ideal document the more errors and inaccuracies are likely to creep in during conversion. OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition is software that reads your document image and recreates it as a word-processing document. The best in my opinion is Abbyy FineReader (an online version also exists). Nuance also make good OCR and Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Office also include an OCR module. There are many other packages too some of them free. Your mileage as stated above will vary.
I suggest PDFelement pro to edit PDF files for free. although it offers a limited time to freely use this application it is an effective tool. Either you want to edit a PDF file or document convert it to a different file format PDFelement s pro is a convenient software you can choose. The user interface is simple and easy to use for anyone. Just open the software select the file go to the edit or convert tab to aplish your task. It alsoes with OCR and multiple features to edit your PDF file the way you want in the safest way.
A PDF while cannot be edited. A scanned PDF file means it is a image. Image cannot be edited in MS Word.
The best way is to use professional OCR software but you can also do it online. There are quite a few websites that offers free services to convert scanned PDFs and images to editable format such as Word. I have used some of them. In most cases they fail to recognize and convert scanned documents with accuracy. Sometimes they just don work at all. You can search free online ocr on Google and try them yourself. This video tutorial gives detailed instructions on how to convert PDFs including scanned PDFs to Word with high accuracy and efficiency. s
I am a Manual Scanned Document Editor so me answer you in details. You can edit a scanned document in several ways. 1. Via OCR feature PDF editing softwares that has good OCR feature can edit you scanned page. Just run the ocr and your page will be editable. But this feature doesn retain the original ure of a scanned document s be too crisp. And even the best of best software like Acrobat Pro DC too struggles with layout formatting from time to time 2. Manually via Photoshop This is a hefty process but it produces the best result and you can edit the page however you want. Although It's only a good option when you don't need to edit much of the doc. Manual editors pick each letter from the document itself allowing them to retain the ure of the document and then construct every word manually by dragging every letter. You can learn more about this process by asking this experienced editor and you can also place an order if in need.