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Shs To Excel Converter Online: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing shs to excel converter online

Instructions and Help about shs to excel converter online

So hey guys what's up this is mo Gupta and you on fish founder and this video is a tutorial or you can say a step by step process so in this video we will show you that how you can convert dot VCF file through the excel so I was just - I just want my backup of my account of my contacts from my mobile phone today and I just found that technique so many videos make sure that - you need a software or some kind of that thing but just believe me that it is just easy as making an egg so I will show you that - quick technique and you can do it yourself without anyone's help and it is just too relaxing and do you can do it yourself so all you need to do is just to go to the contacts and tap on this three line button at the left hand side on the top corner and just scroll down if you have know if you are if your device is running on the noget and click on the Settings and you just go to the export export - option so just go to that and just click on the first option which is the export - dot VCF file so we just click that and it will say you that - what what you want - what name you want also file so we just want contacts dog - VCF and actually we maybe just need to add this okay no not added contacts okay so contacts and we just use the SD card here and save so it is just saving my contacts so you can see that contact data is being exported so it will just make and...

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