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Hi this is bench lady today I'm gonna show you how to convert PDF to a Word document I'm going to show you our very easy and all are free no software needed so the PDF that I chose has colors in the background and pictures first you have to pull up your browser and search for PDF to word look for small PDF com click the link and on this page click Choose file and then from device on my end the PDF that I want to convert is on my PC folder so I just have to look for the file this is the PDF the sample PDF that I want to convert once the file is located you just have to click on open there you will then be uploaded to the site and this time that it will take to successfully upload your file depend on its size so we should have to wait when it's finished click on convert to word after that click on choose option and then the file will be converted from PDF to word there it's done so this is our file tips on how to lose weight this was previously a PDF and now it's under Word document so on the right side of your file click on the download link there so it's done you just have to open the file this page as you can see it has already been converted to word file and the upper portion just click on enable editing and there now this is actually the exact same format as on the PDF so PDF or small PDF com will convert your file exactly as it is on the PDF so nothing will change even the background colors the pictures the font everything will be converted to word page by page so I hope you enjoy this tutorial don't forget to hit the subscribe button down below so till next time goodbye Music.